Volunteers needed!


Access Code for ALL Events: csmrobotics

VEX IQ Qualifier at Great Mills High School

VEX U College Regional Qualifier

VEX High School League Championship

VEX Middle School League Championship

CSM LEGO Robotics Championship

Volunteer Positions

  • Manage the matches.
  • Calculate the scores for the matches.
  • Ensure game rules are followed.
  • Record results of the matches.
  • Provide score information as needed.
Registration/Information Desk
  • Register teams.
  • Provide information to the teams or the general public.
  • Judges are needed to interview teams, evaluate them on and off the field, and finally to work with other judges to determine the award winners.
  • Judges are needed for these components of the competition:
    • Engineering
    • Project
    • Teamwork
Judge Assistants
  • Direct assigned teams into interview sessions.
  • Assist judges with clerical activities: Gathering judging sheets, typing scripts, and entering awards lists into an Excel spreadsheet.
Robot Inspectors
  • Inspect robots for compliance to the game rules
Team Queuers
  • Escort teams to the inspectors.
  • Maintain schedule by making sure teams are ready on their scheduled time.
Field Attendants
  • Reset the field after each match.
  • Assist the referees in maintaining order in and around the fields.
Pit Crews
  • Assist teams in the pit area.
  • LEGO Build
  • Assemble Challenge Fields
  • Cleanup
First Aid Staff
  • Administer first aid to participants.
Crowd Controls
  • Maintain proper flow in the building.
  • Ensure only team members are allowed in the pit area.
  • Ensure only playing team drivers are allowed in the fields.


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