CSMís Institute for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics will serve as the regionís center for effective teaching of STEM topics. By utilizing the best educational practices, the institute will enhance STEM education at all levels. STEM students are already learning in the latest physics, engineering technology, graphics, chemistry, and computer labs at CSMís La Plata Campus in the 60,000-square-foot Francis P. Chiaramonte M.D. Center for Science and Technology (ST Building).

In the Cyber Security Lab, CSM students have already proven this hi-tech learning environment with isolated computer networks is paying off. CSM information technology students recently won the Johns Hopkins Universityís Annual Digital Forensics Competition in which they had to extract data from a broken compact disk and a broken floppy disk, crack password-protected files, and analyze keylogger files used to record keystrokes.

An engineering technology lab sponsored by SMECO allows students to design 3D objects using AutoCad and Pro/Engineering software. They can then use the labís 3D printer to make their design a reality. Other electronics equipment and a milling machine provide hands-on experience for those studying manufacturing and electronics technology.

Two new labs will be developed in conjunction with Constellation Energy in Prince Frederick including a mechanical lab where heavy, industrial-type training will occur. Various trainers or simulators will include pneumatics, hydraulics, and power systems. In an electronics lab students will learn basic electrical and electronics theory with smaller electronics trainers, such as oscilloscopes and plc trainers.

Women Inspiring Innovation Through Imagination

Celebrating Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

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